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Prefabricated Retail Store Installation
Prefabricated Oil Change - Prefabricated one story retail
Prefabricated oil change - Framing View
Prefabricated Retail Store installation of wall panels

With a nationwide fabrication network, in house steel stud and roof truss production combined with best in class finishes, StoPanel delivers:


  • Prefabricated, Prefinished Load Bearing Walls

  • Customized branding

  • Industry Leading Finishes

  • Hybrid structures assembled in days not months.

  • Schedule certainty regardless of weather.

  • Reduced exposure to material pricing volatility.

  • Reduced impact from the shortage of skilled labor.

Increase your speed to market by using a single branded design. Reduce decision fatigue by making decisions one time and replicating the results with speed and precision.

Market Segments:

  • Health Clinics

  • Pharmacy

  • Dispensary

  • Convenience Stores

  • Restaurant

  • Coffee Shops

  • Oil Change

  • Car wash

  • Shopping mall


Developer Benefits of Prefabricated Building Envelopes:

  • Reduced time to market generating cash flow sooner - Earn Return on Investment faster

  • Reduce cycle time of program delivery-  In the delivery of a multi-location program, fewer concurrent projects will reduce project management load.

  • Reduce the impact of inflation - Reducing the time window for purchasing reduces the exposure to price increases.

  • Lower financing costs - Reduced schedule allows for shorter time frame to achieve permanent financing.

Prefabricated car wash
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