Welcome to Great Lakes Prefabrication. We are a Northeast Indiana based manufacturer and installer of prefabricated exterior wall systems. As a  proud member of the Sto Panel network of fabricators and installers, we service customers throughout the United States. Within a one day drive of nearly 20 major cities and 40% of the US population, Great Lakes Prefabrication is your partner for prefabricated wall panels.

Great Lakes Prefabrication services are tailored to those that believe that teamwork among experts will create a better building.

We focus on people who want to devote resources to creativity and planning instead of chaos and rework.

Partnering with Great Lakes Prefabrication will help you create value for your customer and your organization by allowing your team to perform their very best.



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Pre-Finished Exterior Wall Panels

Design Assistance and Planning

for Prefabricated Exterior Walls

Load Bearing Cold-Formed

Steel Structures


Sto, the leader in wall cladding systems, offers the most advanced technology in prefabricated insulated wall panel solutions. Our systemized approach to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional precast panels, including speed, value and quality performance. Sto Panels are lightweight, energy efficient, durable and available in a wide variety of aesthetic options. The technical design expertise of experienced panelizers and the service you expect from Sto make Sto Panels the preferred choice for new construction as well as renovation projects. Learn more.


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Utilizing years of experience managing prefabricated panel projects and designing programs for best-in-class design assistance, Great Lakes Prefabrication is proudly offering these services to your Architectural, Engineering and Contracting Teams.


Great Lakes Prefabrication delivers results by focusing on fundamentals. The process of delivering prefabricated components is straightforward and predictable. Great Lakes Prefabrication will guide your team from concept through installation ensuring your success each step of the way. Built upon lean construction principles, our process will aid your team through design and decision-making to minimize rework and accelerate your preparation for the fabrication and installation of prefabricated exterior wall panels.

Great Lakes Prefabrication will provide your design and construction team a roadmap to success in prefabrication.


New technology steel frame for construct



Light weight, durable and fire resistant, Load bearing cold formed steel structures can save you time and money when constructing hotels, apartments and assisted living facilities.

Factory built offsite to exacting standards let us help you accelerate your schedule and maximize the value of your next project.



4334 Ardmore Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN United States 46802



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